SEYMOUR DUNCAN Strat And Tele Hum-cancelling SHR-1n Hot Rails For Strato

Rp1.500.000 Rp1.275.000

So you’re comfortable with your strat’s feel and look but strguggle to punch throuch the mix? You want to be able to dial up your tone and really let loose on stage or the studio? You need a set of Seymour Duncan Hot rRail pickups. These pickups fatten up your tone and have really high output and sustain (your notes are louder, clearer and last longer) without compromising on dynamic response.

Made in the U.S.A by hand at the Seymour Duncan factory these are a really great choice when it comes to upgrading your strat’s pickups and getting a lot more tone out of your favourits axe. They are also hum cancelling so with a set of these in your axe you can cut out that single coil noise typical with most strat setups.

Here’s what Seymour Duncan have to say about the Hot Rails
Seymour Duncan’s Hot Rails pickup is one of the highest out pickups Duncan makes, and also one of the most popular. The Hot Rails uses a pair of blades coupled with tough ceramic magnet and rocking coil windings to make a pickup that’s full and fat with a ton of sustain – perfect for classic rock, but also lending itself completely well to more aggressive tones such as garage rock or metal. Best of all, these humbuckers – and all their beefy tone – fits inside a single-coil-sized pickup. Add girth to your tone with the Hot Rails!


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