Option 5 Destination Thump Bass Buffer/Boost

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Option 5 Destination Thump Bass Buffer/Boost
This pedal has been tediously designed to retain clarity adn character while also pushing your signal through vast cable lengths with or without a smidge of level boost to keep your unique tone in the mix or right in someone’s face! The Destination Thump is quite the universal tool for your bass pedal arsenal!

Option 5 Destination Thump Bass Buffer/Boost Features:
Level control fully counter-clockwise adds no additional gain to your signal. Using the pedal at this setting yields solely a buffering device that is handy for keeping your signal full of life when it is going through several “True-Bypass” effects and/or an extensive amount of cable.
When this control is turned clockwise, the gain increases until it reaches approximately 15dB of boost. A 15dB boost is around six times the normal level placed into the effect pedal. This feature is awesome for things : 1. Place it at the end of your signal chain for an easy bump in the mix while taking a solo. 2. Place it prior to your favorite overdrive/distortion pedal or tube amp and put some hair on your strings!
9vDC Input Jack
Input Impedance: 1 Meg Ohm
Output Impedance: 1 K Ohm
Bypass: True Bypass
Rugged enclosure
Hand crafted
Made in the USA

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