SubDecay Harmonic Antagonizer – Fuzz/Oscillator

Rp3.258.000 Rp2.606.000

For use with electric guitar, bass, drum machines, groove boxes or just about anything that will make a sound. The Harmonic Antagonzier is a fuzz, oscillator and noise making machine.

Fuzz and glitch oscillator create a wide variety of out of this world tones.
Fuzz circuit is constantly pushing and pulling the oscillator to related frequencies.
Envelope and manual control of oscillator frequency for a huge range of sounds.

The Antithesis of vintage fuzz.
The Harmonic Antagonizer is not a traditional fuzz box. There’s no reverence for 1960s tradition here. No Germanium transistors. No NOS carbon film resistors. If you think fuzz should be smooth, or warm, or velvety… or polite then this ain’t for you. The Harmonic Antagonizer is a cold heartless sonic butcher.

Fuzz? Oscillation? Chaos synthesizer and tone destroyer!
The fuzz moniker is really inadequate. Being a non-traditional effect few familiar references will prepare you for the experience of the Harmonic Antagonizer. It turns any instrument in to a noise machine.

There are really three things going on inside.

Triggered oscillator- It turns on whenever it senses an input signal.
Square wave fuzz- It is always trying to overpower the oscillator and bend it to its will.
VCA (Voltage controlled amplifier)- Rather than fading out out in to a clean tone like most fuzz, the output level falls as the signal level diminishes.

Sustain- Set higher for longer sustain. This is not a distortion or fuzz control. The effect is always Distorted, fuzzy and squared. Sound will fade out as notes decay.
Blend- Sets the mix of fuzz and oscillator circuits. Turn to the left for square wave fuzz. Turn right for more oscillator.
Freq.- Manually set the frequency of the oscillator.
Sense- Envelope control of the oscillator. When turned to the right higher in put drives the oscillator in to higher frequencies.
Volume- Sets the overall output level.

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