Solid State Logic SiX Channel 500


Equipped with channel processing features found on the renowned SSL SiX Console
Clean and punchy SuperAnalogue mic/line/instrument preamp
Classic SSL-style high shelving (3.5kHz) and low shelving (60kHz) filters; frequency centers shift to 5kHz and 200Hz in bell mode
Surprisingly versatile 1-knob channel compressor with variable threshold and automatic make-up gain
48V phantom power, 12dB/Oct 75Hz highpass filter, and polarity switch
Colorful 5-segment LED output signal meter
Requires compatible 500 Series chassis
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The Solid State Logic SiX CH is an elegant channel strip that packs the larger-than-life sound of SSL SuperAnalogue technology into a streamlined 500 series module. Equipped with channel processing features found on the universally renowned SSL SiX Console, the SSL SiX Channel offers a stunning preamp, classic SSL-style broad-stroke high and low shelving filters, and a 1-knob channel compressor that is surprisingly versatile. On top of that, the SiX Channel contains all the functionality you would expect from a workhorse channel strip, including 48V phantom power, a fixed highpass filter at 75Hz for eliminating unwanted low-frequency noise, a polarity switch, a front-panel line/instrument input, and a colorful 5-segment LED output signal meter. Upgrade your front end with this powerful, value-packed 500-series channel strip from Solid State Logic.


Weight 2 kg
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